The Executive body of the European Union — the European Commission, has published “the Plan of Finance” in the coming years. The concept included, in particular, technologies based on the blockchain and ICO. The document is published on the regulator’s website.

According to the concept, in the second quarter of 2018 on the territory of the European Union will start operating a specialized research center Fintech Lab. In addition to research, experts will modify the legislative framework related to bacchanal and cryptocurrencies — including questions about smart contracts and the ability of banks to cooperate with the ICO.

“Technologies such as the blockchain can dramatically change the financial services industry. We need to build friendly infrastructure that will help these projects to develop peacefully, while protecting the rights of consumers”, — said the Commissioner for digital economy and society Maria Gabriel.

Previously, the European Union required banks to open their communication channels, including an API for developers based on blockchain for the admission of their services to the payment accounts of the banks.