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At the time of writing this post, may 6, 2019, the increase in the rate of Ethereum by 8.22% to $175,76, while the price of ether in bitcoins has grown from 0,0282 to 0,0303.

A key factor in the growth of prices will likely have reports of a possible approval of the CFTC Ethereum futures.

The Ethereum futures with CFTC approval

According to reports, a senior official of the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) said that in the near future, possible futures for Ethereum. The official said to the media:

“We often come to the representatives of the exchanges of derivatives and say, “We want to run the product.” And if their specific derivative meets our requirements, I think they would get a good chance that we certify”.

According to him, “the CFTC would feel comfortable if it was a derivative of Ethereum”. However, he again stressed that the decision of approval / rejection is made solely by the consideration of a specific application.

Bitcoin futures are traded on the market since December of 2017. Reportedly, the trading volume of these derivatives is equivalent to the actual volume of trading on global exchanges.

In addition, a derivative contract based on Ethereum, can improve the characteristics of the pricing of the underlying asset, and increase investor confidence in the currency as regulators will have to oversee the transaction.

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