In Russia before the end of this year, it may be the first official cryptocurrency exchange. The working title of the exchange BITEX. This “high probability” reports the Telegram-channel DeCenter.

According to the information channel, at first at the site will have only three cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, Ethereum and scriptural.

“The operator of the exchange now as the time is determined, and, most likely, it will be a major state Bank that conducts full KYC/AML procedure”, — stated in the message DeCenter.

According to some, the project may be associated with the Moscow stock exchange or the National settlement Depository, and the launch of the national crypto currency exchange is expected before the end of 2018.

Note information about the national settlement Depository, is considering creating a blockchain-based platform for integrated service licenzirovanie and cryptocurrency assets, appeared in July 2017.

Also interesting is the fact that the cryptocurrency exchange called Bitex is already registered in Argentina.

Meanwhile, the head of the interdepartmental group on risk assessment of turnover of cryptocurrency in Russia Elina Sidorenko called the message of creating a Russian crypto currency exchange “blatantly false”.

“For any specialist in the field of Finance and law this message is blatantly false. For the realization of this dream of a “balcony” of the miners lacks a few things: the fundamental decisions of the government to convert the crypto to Fiat, the willingness of the FATF to make regulations in relation to cryptocurrency and willingness of credit institutions to take the blow, to accept high market volatility and the anonymity of the wallets. If not for the annoying “little” “but”, one might believe in this message at least in part. And so we face another whipping up sentiments and multiplication of likes in social networks”, — she wrote in her Telegram-channel Cryptoline.

Earlier in March, ForkLog reported that the new draft Federal law “On digital of financial assets” can be spelled out the possibility of exchange of cryptocurrencies into rubles using exchange operators digital of financial assets. These may be only brokers, dealers, legal entities engaged in asset management and exchange platform.

However, as noted by the CEO Waves Alexander Ivanov, the draft law does not provide for separate regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges. Practically, this means that tokens and cryptocurrencies must apply on the Moscow exchange.