The official Twitter account Electrum has information about the DoS attack, which the company is exposed to the last few days. Before that Electrum clients lost millions of dollars because of hackers. More detailed loss statistics published by the journalists The Next Web. One of the “lucky” became an anonymous user, who has lost 140 thousand dollars.

Problems with hacking

To start the attack, the crooks used a network of bots, consisting of 140 thousand cars. Their main goal was the bitcoin theft, redirecting users to fake versions of Electrum. It is noteworthy that the wallet is under “pressure” of hackers for a week.

The attackers approached the matter with great care — they even allocated a separate server under a fake Electrum. As soon as the client contacts one of these servers, it gets notified of the “necessary” updates. It then downloaded the hacked version of Electrum, which steals the private keys of users.

The main developer of Electrum Thomas Voegtlin promises to solve the problem in the next few days. He noted that the group most at risk are those who have downloaded wallet and it hasn’t updated. According to the official company website, versions older than 3.3 are no longer able to communicate with public servers and need updating.


Electrum servers are currently under a DoS attack. We are working on a more robust version of the electrum server. In the meantime, affected users should disable auto-connect, and select their server manually.

Programmers Electrum is strongly recommended you to download any updates from other sources. Safe upgrade is only possible on the official portal Security experts also advise disabling the automatic connection to the server until all jobs are best done manually.

We will remind, in December 2018 Electrum faced with a similar hacker attack, which resulted in the loss of 937 thousand dollars in Bitcoins.

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