Hardwork Constantinople

On the eve of a traditional videoconferencing developers of Ethereum. One of the key topics of discussion were the development and testing of new templates, enterprise application integration (EIP) for the upcoming hard forks Constantinople. This writes Cointelegraph.

What will happen to the mining of Ethereum

The teleconference began with a discussion of the latest advances in the testing process of upgrades. As noted by one of the developers, there is no reason to go back to new tests of the network in order to avoid possible problems with consensus.

This week there are many new updates, however, one of the miners found a critical bug. It needs to be corrected in the next update. By the end of Monday community Ethereum will surely see some more interesting upgrades.

Work on hardforum Constantinople goes according to plan, over the past two weeks, little has changed. The developers have reported a few minor bugs and fixes. There was also the information that EIP-1211 will not be included in the upcoming hardwork. The participants came to the conclusion that it is much better to work according to a preconceived plan, than to rush implementation of new EIP.

Constantinople is not the only hardforum Ethereum. New updates cryptocurrency will gradually be integrated in the next updates every eight months. The proposal to hold hardforce every six months, was rejected because it “would create too much pressure” on programmers.

Another topic of discussion was “the bomb,” and its impact on the reward miners. As stated by the developers, there are three options:

  • EIP-858 will cut the reward per block to 1 ETH;
  • EIP-1234 would reduce the award to 2 ETH (ETH 1 less than now);
  • EIP-1295 will leave remuneration at the same level, but will affect other factors (principles PoW and so on).

Which of the three scenarios will come true, will be determined by the cryptocurrency community. Some participants noted the negative effects of mining Ethereum on the environment, others insisted on the profitability of mining and the exclusion of Asimov from the network. In the end, the team failed to reach consensus on this issue, and they postponed the discussion on the next teleconference, which will be held on August 31.

Today Ethereum is trading at $ 278. We will remind, earlier reported that a sharp fall in the price of the coin involves the addition of Ether to the exchange BitMEX.