Today in the labor market for each blockchain developer has 14 sentences. The cryptographer Nick Szabo, who originated the idea of smart contracts, speaks of the imbalance of resources and knowledge on the blockchain-industry: according to him, capital is much higher than the talent. Portal for freelancers Upwork reports that the demand for blockchain experts, including the ICO, consultants, engineers and blockchain consultants over the past year has increased by 35,000%.

At Toptal blockchain specialists are in demand by 700% and the blockchain skills are needed in 40% of all development positions. Technology, the knowledge of which is especially welcome, were distributed in the following order: Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Solidity (language for smart contracts, Ethereum).

Based on these figures, founder and CEO of Toptal, TASO Du Val believes that “different types of contract will fly first”, and more complex enhancement payments will take a lot of time considering the regulatory requirements. Acne Buterin believes that “the main developers and researchers have employed different companies, and the technical side of the Protocol needs to be democratized so that more people could participate in research discussions and to suggest improvements”.