In the first half of 2018 was stolen digital currency worth about $1.1 billion, the report says Cybersecurity company Carbon Black.

The company notes that for large-scale theft of cryptocurrency criminals use the darknet capabilities. Available with a special software “dark Internet” are mostly not monitored and allows cyber criminals to remain anonymous. There are 12 thousand trading platforms that can use hackers.

Security expert Carbon Black Security Rick McElroy said that the price of malicious software starts from $1 and an average of $224. Such software solutions often have even their own support. The market volume of malware — about $6.7 million

According to the study, exchange was the most popular target for cybercriminals this year. Attacks on them amount to 27% of the total number of attacks.

The most frequent target of fraudsters are bitcoins 10% hackers, Ethereum – 11%, and Monero – 44%. Most associated with stealing cryptocurrency of the incidents recorded in the United States (24), China (10) and the UK (8).

The report notes that the theft of cryptocurrency can be carried out by organized criminal cartels or criminal gangs. Often, however, they are highly skilled professionals who are looking for an additional source of income working alone. According to McElroy, cyberfraud “easy to implement”, it is capable of any, not just the notorious hacker group.

“There are entire Nations who are taught programming, and who are unemployed. It could just be a couple of people in Romania who need to pay rent,” — said the expert.

Unlike conventional banking and financial transactions, holders of the cryptocurrency do not have institutional support to protect their savings or cover their losses in case of fraud or hacker attacks.

“Usually we rely on banks. The network has tools to protect, but investors must know how to use them. Many people do not know that in this new “gold rush” uses a cloud-based wallets, and protect their money,” said a security expert.