The crypto currency exchange Huobi launches blockchain smartphone with built-in cryptocurrency wallet

The Chinese crypto currency exchange Huobi announced the release of blockchain-smartphone with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

Huobi says, initially the smartphone will be launched in South East Asia. Blockchain smartphone called the Acute Angle, and it will produce a startup Whole Network, one of the investors which is Huobi. The device will cost $515, and it can be purchased for tokens Huobi (HT).

The smartphone is based on Android OS and involves a wide range of crypto features such as the wallet for dApp, the additional plug-in for a cold wallet etc.

It is expected that the sale of the device in Southeast Asia will begin in late 2019. If sales in the Chinese market will be successful, the company plans to supply in the United States and Europe.

Earlier, South Korean company Samsung also unveiled its Galaxy S10 with the support of cryptocurrency wallets.