According to a new study, more than 70% of known kryptomere allow you to create accounts with weak passwords.

The study’s authors believe that such passwords are notoriously unreliable and lead to financial theft in the end. In the survey, less than half the trading platforms provided the tools for assessing password strength.

The majority of known sites to protect user accounts and personal funds of clients allow you to create weak passwords. 43% of the platforms allow users to create passwords for accounts less than 8 characters.

Statistics show that 34% did not require passwords that contain letters and numbers. In most cases, the testers were able to set up accounts with passwords, using words such as “password” or a simple combination of numbers “12345”.

According to the annual report source Dashlane, about 70% of all cryptocurrency platforms do not provide any validation of the complexity and quality of user passwords. Company digital security has made the test about 35 of the world’s leading services, which studied the security of their account.

The researchers also examined whether services two-factor authentication, confirmation or activation email and services assessment tools the complexity of the password. The authors of the study concluded that customer accounts are vulnerable to theft of money or breaking due to unsafe methods.

Emmanuel Shalit, President of Dashlane, said in a press release that the ability to create weak passwords should be the starting point for the whole ecosystem. In addition, he added that the registration on such sites is comparable to the creation of a Bank account.

It is very important to follow safety rules with credit cards, Bank account, bitcoin and other digital assets that are stored on the exchange. Your account needs to be protected.

said Shalit

The importance of two-factor authentication

The survey was carried out testing each of the crypto service on the 5 critical safety criteria of the password and account. Then they were evaluated according with the obtained results. The criteria corresponded to only 10 platforms, BTCC, Coinbase, Cobinhood, Cryptopia,, BitMEX, Gemini, Paxful, Huobi, itBit.

The study was conducted from 12 to 19 March 2018. Previously, the company, in accordance with the same criteria, it was tested the safety of consumer sites.

The Council of experts is that for each account, users must create unique passwords with a total length of at least 8 characters. Security will increase the use of special characters, numbers, and letters are case-sensitive.

Passwords that contain place names or common phrases should be avoided. Crucial to enabling two-factor authentication.