The owner of the Litecoin and cryptocurrency expert Charlie Lee made in the future, a sharp collapse of prices for their product. The expert urged the holders of the coins carefully to invest in his project.

Charlie does sometimes divided thoughts or observations with subscribers in social networks. Once the expert showed up with an unexpected statement telling owners of coins Litecoin, crypto currency any day could seriously drop the price. Argued that the expert seven years of watching the stock market.

The Creator of Litecoin warned of a possible collapse in the price of the cryptocurrency and added that the purchase of this cryptocurrency can be risky. According to Lee, in the next few years will be supported by the trend of “bear market”, which is characterized by a price reduction. This, too, can play, but owners of electronic coins, this situation would not be profitable.

The Creator of Litecoin does not exclude that his cryptocurrency could fall in price by 90 percent. Before that happened, when LTC dropped in value from $ 48 to 4-H. Lee warned that Litecoin may fall in price to $ 20 and urged depositors not to keep the cryptocurrency, if they are not ready for such jumps.

The specialist added that for seven years watching the stock market, and he still needs to strengthen positions. The Creator of Litecoin is not yet able to say how much may drop the price of scriptvalium and how long will it take to equalize the situation. If called on followers not to forget about the likelihood of a sharp collapse of the market and “mind” approach to investment.

The position of Litecoin on cryptocurrency market

When Lee issued a warning, Litecoin was sold on the market for 263 dollars. Too serious jumps with LTC hasn’t happened yet, but now the cryptocurrency is not worth 200 USD.

In early March, Litecoin was trading at $ 213, but on March 8 one coin LTC was worth 176 USD. Since then, the cryptocurrency has again been gradually rising, and on March 10, trading at $ 190.