The cost of mining one BTC on different equipment to firms who themselves miners, and release(they do not uchityvaetsya amortization and purchase price) , they are in fact the largest miners on now with the price for electricity: 0.05 USD per kW.

S9 Antminer (Bitmain) the cost of one BTC -2580 dollars.

GMO miner B3 (typical 24 In1950 watt) the cost of one BTC — 2175 dollar.

Pangolinminer Whatsminer M10 the cost of one BTC — 1740 dollars

S15 Antminer (Bitmain) —

in the performance mode — the cost of one BTC -1525 dollars.
in power saving mode — the cost of one BTC 1340 dollars

INNOSILICON Terminator3-43T the cost of one BTC -1300 dollars.

EBIT E11++ 44TH/S the cost of one BTC is $ 1200.

Also interesting data on practical cars for mining -Bitfury Block Box.

Their share in herate, in the early fall was about 12% of the total Hasrat. But then Bitfury still not advertised on the output of the chip Bitfury Clarke, which according to the announcements on 30% more energy efficient bituminouscoal in S9. The power of this car (picture below Keane) — 14 PH !! and there can be used solutions on nutrition which will lead to even greater energy efficiency. Unfortunately, data on new products Bitfury (the number of network consumption) I have.

If anyone wants to bring these data to their figures, the price of electricity, then just calculate the percentage change in the price of electricity and the same percentage change used to figure the cost.