The conflict of developers can lead to the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash

Recently released the Bitcoin client ABC (v. 0.18.0). This event was perceived by some members of the crypto community as the beginning of the present war among developers. The new software contains a number of updates, including the function of smart contracts that support atomic swaps.

Many members of the Bitcoin community Cash do not support these changes and want to organize new projects.

So, “self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto” Craig Wright has teamed up with the owner and Creator of news resource about cryptocurrency CoinGeek Calvin Ayre, to offer his version of the Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin called SV.

It is known that SV Bitcoin will “at its discretion” to change the scripts of the Bitcoin ABC. Also, the new project involves the increase of the block to 128 MB. As you know, today the current block size Bitcoin Cash is 32 megabytes.

“Bitcoin SV is designed to provide a transparent implementation of the Cash for Bitcoin miners, supporting the original vision of bitcoin,” — said in the announcement release Bitcoin SV.

The creators of Bitcoin SV say that they are against “- implementation intending making unnecessary changes to the original code of bitcoin”.

Interesting fact that the implementation of ABC Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV not compatible with each other. Both warring groups have planned changes to the code Bitcoin Cash in November. Thus, the launch of the incompatible solutions can cause separation of the cryptocurrency on two competing chains.

While Bitcoin Cash is in the green zone and shows the daily growth of 1.87%. At the time of writing the cost of the BCH was estimated at $ 528.