Leading team of developers of Ethereum Classic announced the termination of activities

The reason for the decision ETCDEV to finish the work called funding problems: the collapse of the market, put it in difficulties for the organization.

For some crisis — a new opportunity, or a reason to reflect on the development of technology. Someone like Steemit, reduces two-thirds of the state, and someone just forced to announce the cessation of activities.

Leading team of developers of Ethereum Classic, ETСDEV, announced that in the current conditions can not continue to work. Founder and technical Director ETCDEV Igor Artamonov Dec 3, announced that the group ceases its activities, thanking all the developers and community members who assisted its work.

“As you know, the last few weeks we have experienced difficulties with financing. This is partly due to the fall of the stock market and financial problems of the organization”, — he said.

According to Artamonov, the panel tried to correct the situation, contacting potential investors inside the community Ethereum Classic and beyond, and also announced the collection of donations, these measures, however, the desired result was not given.

In turn, the Manager of business development ETCDEV Donald McIntyre spoke more frankly. “The departure of Igor and closing ETCDEV is a huge loss for Ethereum Classic. The community, especially those centralized organizations — a bunch of ignorant pieces of shit. They believe that simply saying “change” but their actions are the complete opposite of these principles,” he wrote.

There are certain differences within the community is confirmed by previous statements of the parties, as well as user comments — in particular, some of them wondered why the developers initially set to work on a voluntary basis, decided to tell them about your financial difficulties and ask for help.

The official account of Ethereum Classic limited meaningful comment: “Ethereum Classic is not only ETCDEV. IT IOHK, ETC Co-op, ETC Labs, ETCDEV and volunteers. Keep calm and carry on to build.”