The man was arrested on suspicion of fraud during the sale of cheap equipment for mining. According to local media reports, several months, the offender managed to raise the equivalent of $ 15 million from 50 investors. It is reported by NewsBTC.

Fraud mining of cryptocurrencies

The name of the offender – Jung, he’s younger than thirty years old and lived in Anhui province. Suspect fraudulent scheme is surprisingly simple. At first he sold equipment at very low prices, thereby attracting a lot of customers. Finally, when it received a particularly large order, Jiang just disappeared with the money of buyers.

The real value of Asimov was roughly equivalent to the price of Antminer S9, that is 4600 dollars. Jung has sold the first batch at a loss for only $ 1,500. Generous trusting the seller, buyers have made a large order with an advance of two months for delivery of equipment. The offender was money and he could disappear without suspicion for at least the next two months.

According to the testimony of one of the victims, attracting new customers from Jung coincided with the peak popularity of cryptocurrency in the end of 2017. According to local media, the money, Zhang bought an excellent machine and mining-farm. During the arrest the offender argued its disappearance higher prices for asik and the impossibility of doing business.