It seems that the majority of traders BitMEX at the moment, just gamble. By this time in 2019, 5 billion in short positions and $ 9 billion US in long positions have already been eliminated.

The average trader BitMEX may shock you. According to data compiled by analyst Jacob Canfield (@JacobCanfield), many traders BitMEX, it seems, just the players .

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The average trader BitMEX in 2019

In 2019 :

  • Short positions (shorts ) to $ 5 billion $ of dollars have been eliminated.
  • Long position (long positions) 9 billion $ was eliminated.
  • The total amount of real funds deposited on BitMEX is about $ 540 million.
  • The average position of the shoulder was 25x in this year.

A whopping 25-fold higher with the leverage of margin trading BitMEX in 2019 amazing. With such a high risk appetite it is not surprising that traders cryptocurrency has lost more than $ 14 billion as a result of the elimination in 2019.

Jacob Canfield@JacobCanfield

You guys are some degenerate gamblers for sure.

On Bitmex in 2019: $5 billion worth of short positions got liquidated on BitMEX vs $9 billion of long positions.

Total amount of real funds was $540 million on an average of 25X leverage positions.

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Shocking statistic gives us some idea about the psychology of the market – and how 2019 has caused some of them to play even more in anticipation of future bull market. This supposed bull market has not yet fully engaged, and it made many investors BitMEX to play my money like a card game. A week ago BitMEX eliminated about $ 52 million Short position in BTC after leading cryptocurrency suddenly gave a huge green candle.

Not much better than a pure gamble

In this volatile market of bitcoin we can expect that many traders will get burned. This is because such a young market like gambling, given that technical indicators are always cancelled.

Although, if you think that these figures for 2019 are bad at the moment, just wait until the real start of the bull market. Next time we can see some record of liquidation. Greed really knows no bounds.

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