Ethereum 3.64% still bullish in the long term. The price is above the SMA50 and the uptrend line. It can be expected that the price will rebound from the SMA50, and starts a new upward movement. The market will also be able to reach the rising trend line but will not break the bullish structure of the market. To confirm further uptrend price should break the trendline as it did with the previous line and move above the level of 850.00. It is the local high of the swing. Thus, we will have higher highs and higher lows confirm the uptrend in the long term.

If we look at RSI, the market may continue its downward movement. Area of support formed by the rising trendline and support level of 400.00, can be achieved. This is a pretty strong area, and the market may rebound from it and move higher.
MACD still bearish, and to confirm that the upward movement we should wait for the reversal of the histogram, at least.
DMI shows that the market will move sideways. We have no evidence that bears or the bulls.

Despite the fact that the indicators are still bearish, we have no confirmation for a strong downward movement. We must bear in mind that the market may be stopped in the area of support and it will start to move up after a period of consolidation.