Buy: 0.00115-0.00150

— Sell the following purposes: 20-50% profit. Up to 100% and more than 12-24 hours after adding the Binance.

— Decide your profit target and strategy before you purchase and stick to it. For example, if you decided to target 30%, then go for it, but when you see 30% profit, don’t stay in the trade, sell, take their profits and move on. If you go to 100% profit potential, then stick with it… same with 5%, 10%, etc. Stick to your plan, but think about it carefully.

— You can use a 10% stop loss (if the price goes 10% below 0.00115 you can close the deal. It is entirely up to you.

— Please trade at your own risk, do research before deciding to buy this coin. Don’t buy solely on this recommendation, there is no guarantee that something will happen. The price can go up as well as it can go down. Use this information as a tool to improve the chances of a successful trade.