The second value of the coin ether (ETH) was unable to hold earlier gains above $200 and continues to decline.

The evening of 14 August this Aldon fell to $192, on some trading platforms the air fell to $186. Market capitalization of crypto-currencies is now about $20,402 billion Last time around $190 altain was trading in mid-may of this year.

In the summer, the cryptocurrency has shown explosive growth with bitcoin. Some optimists expect that ETH will rise to $300 to even $350. However the rally was first replaced by transition players to wait-and-see strategy, and then began aggressive sales.

The air losses for the last two weeks. If you look at the schedule of the coins, we can see that the risks fall below the $180 still, since sales dominate.

According to the analyst under the name Crypto Devil, the negative trend is yet to determine the movement of the coins. However, the ether has the resources not only to overcome the resistance, but also to resume expansion. So around $200 can be taken soon after completion of the consolidation.

Crypto Devil😈@SwingTradeBTC

break of channel will bring us to a very
strong trendline.#ethereum

This will be A of the correction and will see
a move upward after the touch.#ETH

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