Recently the cryptocurrency project Tether has added to his main wallet 250 million tokens USDT. This hasn’t happened since March.

Waiting for news, which once again will reduce the rate of bitcoin? Or it was the depreciation, after which it will go up again?

It became known that the cryptocurrency Tether created 250 million tokens USDT. Last time this happened in March. And before that in December and January appeared about two billion tokens.

Recall that USDT is among the so-called stable cryptocurrency (stable coin) exchange rate which is tied to a particular Fiat currency (in this case the us dollar).

Cryptocurrency Tether has been much criticized for the fact that there is no clear guarantee that each token provided real dollar equivalent. We wrote about it.

The second reason critics Tether – the cryptocurrency used by the owners of the exchange Bitfinex in their manipulation of the market. First they bring down the exchange rate for bitcoin, the news, and then quickly print USDT to buy up the BTC at a reduced rate.

As you can see, until that comes true is one of the predictions in our article – USDT so firmly embedded in the system of cryptocurrency trading what nobody dares bring them to clean water and to derail this cryptocurrency. Scandals, mostly hushed.