The project team CryptoZombies created for the training and deployment of decentralized applications on the Ethereum database, working on the world’s first collectible card game on the blockchain.

To raise Finance for his new project called Zombie Battleground, the project team decided to abandon the usual nowadays ICO, and intends to raise financing through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

As stated in the developer’s blog James Martin Duffy, Zombie Battleground players will share and gather a collection of unique maps, presented in the form of tokens of the standard ERC-721. Through a special trading platform users will be able to sell the cards and earn real money.

According to the creators, the game will compete with other famous representatives of the genre, like Magic: The Gathering.

Turning to the Kickstarter platform, the developers intend to bring the game to the wide attention of an offline audience. During the campaign 60 days planned to raise $250 thousand.

Minimum contribution of the project on Kickstarter is $10. Small contributions include an award of exclusive upgrades, unique cards and beta invites to the game for friends. For contributions above $1 thousand, the developers promise rewards in the form of t-shirts, cards Zombie Battleground, miniature statues, zombies and invitations to meet with the project team in Thailand.

If in the course of the campaign will received $275 thousand, all investors will receive two cards of the limited series. If the threshold is exceeded $300 thousand, the final version of the game will be more campaign. The distribution of awards is scheduled for may 2019.

We will remind, in may in Kiev hosted the international conference Crypto Games Conference in the format of the summit, dedicated to games on the block chain, using crypto-currencies..