The project Cryptorobotics “scored” marathon “Tattoo in the Crypt” for 5 million rubles

The developers capturedimages terminal summed up the unusual action, in which distributed cryptocurrencies for a tattoo with the company logo.

To participate in the marathon “Tattoo in the Crypt” had to get a tattoo with a company logo and send a video. Everyone who filled the tattoo, has received 25 000 ROBO-tokens – about 125 000.

The tattoos on his arms, legs, bellies, and buttocks stuffed 40 people from all over Russia. For some the tattoo Cryptorobotics was the first in my life!

Cryptorobotics terminal for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Developed a desktop version of the terminal under Windows OS and MacOS. Supported a wide range of technical solutions for cryptotrading: algorithmic trading, customization, price charts, direct connection to exchanges without the involvement of a broker that technical indicators.

International project with partners in Japan, UK, USA, India, Turkey and other countries. The number of advisors — experts in the field of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and investment: will Bryant, Anatoli Ille, Oliver Prock and others.