In such situations, saying “no one hundred grams will not understand”, but we can do it. Look here: Dash is a blockchain-service, managed DAO — decentralized Autonomous organization which anyone can join Dash. In turn, the DAO is operated by Masternode — network nodes that the user needs to have thousands of coins.

Go ahead. The team Dash, she Dash Core Group, can not affect the decision-making network is necessary to preserve decentralized entity Dash. To ensure that no one left the slightest doubt in the intentions of the developers, the Dash Core Groupе created the independent organization. This group develops algorithms for a blockchain service. And now Dash Core Group transferred to property Dash. This is the first such case in history.

“Such a legal scheme creates for the first time, — said the Director of the Dash Core Ryan Taylor. — It enhances DCG to support the network without risk to deal with the fact that the official team or some of the owners of DCG might shut down, to self-destruct and just walk away with millions of assets, leaving the network without serious leadership and development. This innovation will handle fiduciary responsibilities to the network and ensures that DCG will be formally obliged to act in the best interests of the network.”

A new scheme of relations between the network and the team also suggests the possibility of a smooth transfer of assets or human resources Dash Core Group, if the network decides to replace its leadership. “Dash Core Group now is an asset of the Dash due to the fact that the related risks have decreased significantly, explains Taylor. — It reduces risks for initiatives on financing, both for those directly sponsored by Dash Core Group, and funds for other organizations which Dash Core Group acts as a guarantor”.

Instead of a conclusion let me quote the same Director DCG: “I think it will bring the web a lot of use. First, it creates a model that many other contractors can take a sample to improve its model risk and strengthen the trust network to their suggestions. Second, the Dash Core Group can now enter into a formal agreement and Deposit of funds for small contractors, which should reduce the number of cases of fraud and failure to work. And it will allow Masternode adhere to high standards of the owners of the budget proposals. In General, the Dash now is available a new tool that allows you to better control the return on investment.”