Back to the question of the extinction of the market ICO. If you have invested in the ICO for at least the last 4 months, you could notice a strong increase of the price of the ICO/pre-sale at the opening of trading on the first day, followed by gradual daily price movement down.

A recent study reports that 80% of the ICO held in 2017, were fraudulent schemes

It is quite possible that the real percentage is higher. At the end of 2017 / early 2018 ICO was a good way to make money, especially on investment in infrastructure projects.

Let’s consider an example with Seele, which went below ICO prices. Seele is the blockchain 4.0, which had all the preconditions for the explosive growth that happened at the opening of trading, when the coin reached the x7. People were very positive towards the project, however, as with many projects the price has gradually declined and is now in the ICO, depending on how many investors acquired Ethereum.

The current situation tells us that today’s market ICO is dead, even such a nice projects as Mainframe and PChain. On the market now do not have the required mood. Earlier this year, and at the end of last participants of the market were very positive on the wave of the bullish trend, which is growing almost everything. Today, the same day the mood of the people changed dramatically, as we are in a long and hard bear trend. Personally, recently participated in a very small number of ICO and prasalov, though I have invested heavily, particularly in infrastructure projects.

Investing now is to pay attention to already existing projects, so you can be sure that they have the trading volume, the community, support and technology, rather than ready-made products, which gives a certain share of confidence. Therefore, when investing you’ll realize that the price of the token is waiting for either a gradual increase or gradual decrease. If you look at the current projects, even though they are in the red zone, the reduction takes place only a few percent, while the recently released ICO are in a strong drawdown. This is due to the lack of community and low level of trust in the long term.

I hold my coins all the projects invested in, because they believe in them. And with the return of the bull market, sagging, the projects have much to take off. However, it all depends on of the teams marketing campaigns. I noticed that the marketing of the latest ICO calms down after starting and it turns out that all marketing and PR advisorv have no sense. Perhaps during a bear market it is pointless to publish news about the progress and achievements of the team, which lead only to insignificant short-term increase, and the mass sale lowers the price even lower than it was prior to the publication of news. Thus, the majority of ICO right now, nothing is published and basically dead. Even with good projects so that people expect to pick them up after the run before the bullish trend.

Despite the above situation, in the market there is still a place for exceptional ICO, one of which is ChromaWay. This project is a good example of the concept, the essential values of a great team and relevant history. The remaining projects are likely to collect investment 12-24 months prior to the release of any product that makes no sense. A good idea when studying today’s ICO projects will test their Telegram channels and ask there how the team plans to dispose of the collected funds.

Thus, the ICO market is almost dead, but it still has the opportunity to develop high quality projects.