Attorney Jonathan levy, representing the interests of dozens of “cryptocurrency” victims who lost a total of about $25 million, announced that the notorious “bitcoin mixer” stopped its work as a result of judicial process. The case was initiated on behalf of the person from whose purse disappeared 996 bitcoins.

The lawsuit alleges that the organization Bitcoin Blender Organization supported the now-suspended website, and supports the current website, which laundered the stolen bitcoins 996 of the aforementioned victims.

In the response message from PublicDomainRegistry says:

“We reviewed your complaint and suspended the domain name is registered “” in accordance with our terms of service”.

Says Dr. levy, the mixing of bitcoins is just one symptom of a broader problem with the “cryptocurrency” criminal activity. According to him, the situation is now critical because of the crypto currency exchange and wallets years of taking deposits from organizations to launder money, such as Bitblender, without going to the victims of extortion, fraud and theft.

Dr. Levi also said:

“The blockchain of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General are used by criminals to launder the proceeds from crimes of the cryptocurrency despite the fact that stock exchanges and nodes understand the origin of these funds. These companies by default, become complicit in these crimes, as the do not implement even the simplest of measures to combat money-laundering and without explanation, refuse to compensate the victim. Sites and exchanges do not counteract the fact that the sites like Bitblender, working in the open”. is a “bitcoin mixer No. 1 on the darknet”, claiming that uses intelligent technology to “erase the history of bitcoins and make transactions anonymous 100%”.

Estimated levy, 99% of transactions on Bitblender are criminal in nature, and over the past few years, so it was laundered several billion dollars in bitcoins. Although Europol has taken some steps to curb bitcoin mixing, Levi says that the criminals simply changed their position.

Dr. levy also says that the British authorities were handed the relevant information, but they did not take any action against and other scams.

Dr. levy added:

“Victims of crypto-crime now fed up with not only criminal actions, but also omissions by national authorities. We will seek compensation from everyone involved in the work cryptocurrency networks, including voluntary associations of nodes that manage them behind the scenes”.

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