Mining equipment stolen in the beginning of this year in Iceland, can be in China, according to the publisher Cointelegraph. Icelandic police had reportedly sent a request to the Chinese authorities after in April, they reported the seizure of 600 pieces of equipment used for mining bitcoin in the Northern city of Tianjin.

The number of confiscated vehicles exactly matches the number of missing hardware, lost in the three stages of the data centers in Iceland in December and January. The local police were able to identify and arrest two suspects in the Feb. One of them was arrested after he fled from the Icelandic prison in Sweden in mid-April.

Mining equipment from Iceland are still missing

The exact location of the missing equipment, to date, has not been established. Its total cost is estimated at CZK 200 million, accounting for nearly $ 2 million.

In Tianjin, allegedly, it was the high level of electricity consumption has attracted the attention of a local operator, which led to the confiscation authorities suspicious number of devices for mining.

According to the source, the Chinese police have not yet responded to the request islandsk authorities.

Due to its cold climate and access to renewable energy Iceland is a hotspot for cryptocurrency mining. Local sources forecast a doubling of energy consumption in the country.