Author: Palwasha the Siam (Palwasha Saaim) — senior analyst at Lombardi Financial. Field of activity — analyst stock medium and large companies, economic trends, and movements in the stock market.

Bullish forecast for Stellar growth quotes

As you might guess, the title of the article is somewhat rhetorical. Lumens Stellar is currently trading at $0,45 per coin. Yesterday, during the night the crypt grew by more than 13%. We are still in January issued bullish forecasts for XLM, predicting what is next in line for the cryptocurrency, which will see explosive growth. Yesterday’s gap up has only reinforced our opinion that we have expressed.

In other words, Stellar behaves steeper bitcoin, which has become a kind of standard of cryptocurrency and dictates the mood in this region.

So, what is it that has caused such growth of quotations? Besides the fact that now in the sails of cryptocurrency began to blow several fair winds, Stellar is the reason he caught our attention. More on that later. But first, let’s quickly look at what, why the interest investors have shown a sharp jump.

If you look at the market capitalisation, it will be obvious where the join money. From Asia, specifically from South Korea. Almost half of the transactions XLM for the last days happened to the Korean won.

For the record, the South Korean government has reiterated that close and not considering a complete ban on cryptocurrencies and trading. Hooray, Hooray.

But why the sudden enthusiasm for Stellar? Honestly, this may be due to the fact that the crypt has tipped the fate of “the next great coins,” or, as they say, is “the next Ripple”. Check the data on the annual increase in first and make sure that the grounds for such statements are available.

Please note — investors began to peck at the Ripple, when the stock market received a gorgeous kick in the ass from the bulls. Investors were attracted by the advertisement and what it has cost this coin is a penny.

Ripple promotes itself as the top choice of banks, however, Stellar has established itself as the platform that will be able to reach a wider range of consumers. Stellar not only “ruchkatsya” with the banks, but at the moment, with corporations and even ordinary customers.

To be clear: Ripple is a technology aimed at decentralization of cross-border payments in order to reduce them to accelerate and also do not amenable to outside influence. Stellar does the same thing that his Commission is significantly lower than the Ripple.

That’s why Stellar attracts attention. Thanks to a recent mention of this crypt company Stripe Inc from the realm of digital payments, and in light of the current Stellar partnership with International Business Machines Corporation, this platform appeared in the center of attention.

Company Stripe has only recently stopped the use of bitcoins, stating that “cue” is slow and fights with workers at exorbitant prices. Now Stripe is looking for a replacement for the “irreplaceable” original cryptocurrency. And they their eyes turned to Stellar.

Besides, we already touched on the topic of why Stellar Lumens a much better chance to win the love of the masses than in the same Ripple is their contract with IBM.

The latter went on to collaborate with Stellar, to use it in their blockchain-backed cross-border payments network, which is currently being developed. Around the world have already installed more than 12 gateways, and the development of the network continues to expand.

Let Ripple and signed more partnership agreements, but Stellar has a chance to reach a greater number of people than the “sell the banks” Ripple, since the first refers to the consumers directly.

So Ripple might be able to invoke the protection of the sharks of the banking world, but a unique Stellar partnership with IBM could help her get into the mainstream sooner than it will in the Ripple. That is why XLM there is every chance of mass adoption. And that’s why we give a bullish forecast for this coin in 2018. Keep your pockets wider, that money is not falling by.