Pegged to the US dollar in the piggy Bank stablon Stellar already there, and soon you will see the asset attached to the Australian national Fiat money.

Licenzirovanie yen, pounds and Swiss francs — it’s all there. Community needed asset on the basis of the Australian dollar. Australia is a large country, therefore, need to meet the demand. To accomplish this honourable mission come from the company Bit Trade that started the first token that is bound to AUD. Now she has a competitor in the face of the Novatti Group.

Novatti is an Australian software developer and billing service. Issue a new asset, called Novatti AUD Utility Token, will be held on the blockchain startups Stellar.

In the Novatti Group claim that the new asset will differ from the usual stable of coins. While conventional stabilini created for traders, officials say, the company Novatti AUD Utility Token, as the name implies, it will be useful, functional medicine: it is the intention of the creators will use ordinary Australians for making money transfers or purchases in stores.

“We believe that people will use Novatti AUD Token Utility to calculate Australian stores and pay bills or services inside the country, said Peter cook, managing Director of Novatti. — We will work with licensed Finance companies, banks and enterprises wishing to access digital assets. Novatti is a public company registered on the Australian stock exchange, and this fact suggests that our assets can be trusted.”

Lisa Nestor, Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, said that Stellar already supports at least 10 tablconv, including the asset created by the company and the startup continues to receive requests for creation of new stable coins.

“This popularity is a consequence of the network effect, says Liza. — It took us almost a year to create the first two stabilini, but with each new coin to run them is becoming easier.”