A new startup DADI from the UK suggests that they have a solution for the convergence between cloud hosting and blockchain technology. Many believe that the cloud is seen as a pre-blockchain, a more primitive version of the technology, which is essentially used to store and transfer data.

“A decentralized architecture for a democratic Internet” or DADI for short — is a project created by DADI network. They want to influence tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, and to help them to move to a new blockchain system, making the Internet more democratized.

According to City AM:

“DADI is going to make their service was replaced with data centers, managed and monetized large technology companies. It is estimated that about 74% of the market controlled by the so-called Big four: Microsoft (31%), Amazon (26%), IBM (9%) and Google (8%)”.

Moreover, according to the General Director of DADI, Joseph denna:

“A huge amount of computing power not currently used in homes and companies worldwide. Expensive computers, gaming consoles, smart televisions and other devices spend most of their life in standby mode. And it is a force that we will use for this new network, which drastically reduces the dependence on costly data centers, which are detrimental to the environment. Just as homeowners can now install solar panels and sell excess electricity back to the National network, the public will be able to connect their devices in the home network DADI, receiving passive income as an investor and partial owner of a more equitable, quick, safe Internet”.

The project will be to reward people for what they will allow the network to use the computing power storage and transmission. Moreover, if Amazon and Microsoft go to a blockchain technology to store data, it will radically change the structure of the industry.