The development team of a startup, Casa has taken the initiative to simplify the running bitcoin nodes using the Tor network, allowing you to anonymously surf the Internet.

The proposal to use the network for simplified run BTC nodes expressed at the conference, Coindesk Consensus 2019 technical Director, Casa Jameson Lopp (Jameson Lopp).

How does it work?

Jameson Lopp said that people use the Tor network to protect your IP address and anonymous access to the world wide web. Protection enables you to prevent risks to detect the location of a particular user.

Such a system can be used for transactions in the bitcoin network to ensure their increased anonymity. In particular, the startup offers overcome using the Tor number of critical network constraints, often prevents the setting up bitcoin nodes.

“With Tor we will be able to get around network restrictions,” — said the technical Director of the startup.

Casa started to use Tor in April of this year. The main issue now remains the difficulty when setting up a full node of a startup that can be solved only with great effort, said Lopp. This can be done through port forwarding network so that other nodes have seen a particular bitcoin node.

Theoretically this is a simple process because the user must connect the port number on which the node is involved, the website for port forwarding of the router.

However, in practice the whole procedure is not so easy because of the hundreds of thousands of routers has its own unique settings, be adapted to work, some of which are very difficult. To solve this problem the startup is working to create unique settings, which the developers have dubbed the “plug and play”.

While with this solution you can only configure half routers, but Casa promises to improve “plug and play” in the near future to this universal setting has helped in all cases.

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