Chairman of the Board of Directors of Starbucks Howard Schultz said that the company plans to use the blockchain in a new application for payments.

A month ago, Schultz said the company is considering to support cryptocurrency, but is not interested in creating your own. However, he noted that it expects several legitimate cryptocurrency that will approve traditional retailers.

To bitcoins Chairman of the Board of Directors is negative, but the blockchain has high hopes.

“I believe that we are moving into a new era, in which the blockchain technology will provide a significant level of digital currency, which will have a consumer application,” said Howard Schultz .

On the question of whether in a new application to use the blockchain instead of a more centralized system of accounting, the head of Starbucks said that, perhaps the company will move in this direction.

“I think that the technology of the blockchain is probably the rails on which the stand integrated with the Starbucks app,” said Howard Schultz.