Stabilini become one of the most cipovych the beginning of 2019. Many of the major exchanges and crypto startups are already implementing stabilini in its functionality. This article will shed light on the causes of this trend and how the very nature of “stablo” helps the owners of crypto-projects and users to benefit from their use.

So, what constitutes stablon? It is a cryptocurrency, whose main goal is to minimize the volatility of cryptocurrency. Stabilini conceived as an anti-volatile instruments, which repeat or copy the behavior of “hard” currencies such as the dollar or the Euro.

What does “minimizing volatility”? When the value of currencies begins to plummet, the first thought that comes to mind to the user, to exchange their assets for Fiat. In turn, stably allow the user to exit the game, replacing Fiat money. Thus, they provide high stability and mobility. The process of making cryptocurrency a safer and faster as stabilini are not tied to any centralized institution. The user will be able to sell, for example, Bitcoins for Tether (stablein, backed by the dollar) at the exchange, which is in a “counter” with banks and excludes trades in the Fiat.

Another advantage tablconv is the low Commission. Imagine your friend or relative has moved to another part of the world, for example, in Singapore. If you send him or her dollars, the money transfer will take hours, if not days. Plus, for services, you’ll be charged quite a high Commission. If you send stabilini, the transaction will be easily tracked and will take around half an hour with a minimum Commission.

We mentioned above Tether is the largest and most popular stablon in the world. Just now on the market for 21 stablon with a total capitalization of just over $ 4 billion.

The course of all Steblov tied to Fiat money or goods in the ratio of 1:1 (1: 1), but not all of them have a similar nature and purpose. Stabilini can be divided into two categories: secured by real assets and is based on the algorithmic mechanism. Feature of the first — linkage to asset price ratio one to one. algorithmic stabilini use the same set expressed in the code of rules designed to balance the demand for stablon and his offer.

In recent times, “stable” still divided into 3 types depending on their purpose: coins, backed by Fiat, backed up by another cryptocurrency or unsecured coin. The first type considered above. These include currencies: Tether, TrustToken, Gemini, etc. the Second type is the kind stablein, backed by other cryptocurrency, the connection between which is provided using smart contracts. The most famous stable — MakerDao. Unsecured stabilini not tied to any currency or goods. One of these coins was Basis. Unfortunately, the project was closed last year.

Many associate the future of the market with Tether (USDT). However, no matter how stable and transparent, this was not stable, almost every popular crypto-wallet or exchange, which supports the Tether has a vulnerability. Not to mention the official wallet Tether: in 2017, it was compromised by hackers who managed to steal user $ 31 million.

Moreover, even the world’s first purse with Tether support OmniWallet has its drawbacks. Many users save funds on Omni, argue that the interface of the purse is poor. It will have to get used to it within a few days.

Speaking of popular online services, you can select a purse MyEtherWallet (MEW), which is considered one of the most reliable on the market. Free to use, MEW limited functionality: it only supports Tether and tokens ERC-20, such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, etc. Thus, this limitation will not allow the user to diversify your crypto-portfolio.

Another service working with Tether is CoinSwitch. Integrated with major cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinSwitch provides its users with anonymous buying crypts with credit cards. Sounds interesting and pretty simple, but the problem is that the quantity of Fiat money is limited. The service supports 5 currencies: U.S. dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, Russian ruble and Australian dollar. It should be noted that the anonymous nature of the purchases on CoinSwitch can play a cruel joke with the company, because this feature attracts a large number of users playing on illegal markets.

Speaking of young blood in the market is to provide a service Chatex. This bot is messenger Telegram. Chatex has a wide range: here you can store, exchange cryptocurrency and stabilini, sell them, buy using Bank or gift cards (only after the procedure KYC) and to advertise on p2p trading platform. Today Chatex is one of the most secure services as the most reliable messenger in the world.

It would seem that the output can be found in offline wallets, so-called cold storage, for example, in the Ledger Nano S. This crypto-stick is one of the most reliable, but it’s worth a round sum (about $ 100).

However, even if cryptocurrency is in your hands in every sense of the word, this does not mean that it is protected. The company boasts the ability to restore access to assets with a password of 24 words. However, today hardly anyone can be sure of this function, since April, the Ledger announced that it has discovered malware that replaces the home screen of the wallet and thus get access to your typed passwords.

In the end

Stabilini is a great option for those who don’t want to deal with Fiat. However, their storage is to choose a suitable and reliable service. I hope our list will help you in your choice.

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