Spanish police have arrested members of an organized criminal group. The detainees are accused in the theft of $1.24 billion, which was later converted into bitcoin. It is strange that the course of the cue ball after the Gulf this volume of Fiat vehicles continues to fall.

The leader of the gang of Ukrainians To Dennis and three other members of the group from Russia and Ukraine, employees of the Spanish police and Europol detained in Alicante is a seaside city on the South-East of the country. Within five years, the criminals robbed 100 banks worldwide, giving more than a billion euros ($1.24 billion).

Criminals have gained access to the security system using an exploit Cobalt Strike. Hackers penetrated the Bank’s network and had gained control of the management server of ATMs. After that, the hackers used the compromised ATMs for withdrawal of cash.

Stolen money the bandits converted to bitcoins, which are then used to purchase various assets, including real estate and vehicles in Spain.