Space exploration has always been a phenomenon, limited government and large companies. Ordinary people never had the opportunity to participate in these research missions and to profit from it. Over the years, space missions have undergone a remarkable transformation. With the advent of modern software engineering processes that were once too complex become much easier and more efficient. Blockchain is one such technology, which provided various simplifications for solutions facing the space industry in the broad field of space research.

As the blockchain can help the space industry?

Blockchain technology is able to distribute cryptographically secure digital data and information to create a self-contained recording system that can perform transactions, manage supply chains and digital rights. Its decentralized functions to ensure the safe storage of data in a distributed manner, thereby optimizing the integrity and durability of communications, as well as related positioning and synchronization of multiple spacecraft with IOTA. In addition, the technology of the blockchain also offers space for companies, especially start-UPS, efficient method of gathering and purchase of equipment to advance their operations. This can significantly help in reducing the existing slow and complicated process of the state bureaucracy and generate scope for improved innovation in the space industry.

Spacebit — The Democratization Mission Of Space Exploration

Spacebit-futuristic space company which offers strong and unique approach to performing space missions. They have a team of globally recognised professionals who seek to democratize space by tokenization of data and communications related to commercial space missions, and to provide further operational mission networks in the IoT space. Decentralization of the entire process they provide to the General masses the opportunity to participate in various space programs.
The group aims to develop an effective and economic model for access to terrestrial components of space missions with a particular interest in facilitating communication with multiple satellites in GEO, LEO and deep space. This model will allow to create effective ways of interaction between ground stations, satellite operators, spacecraft and eventually will lead to the creation of a new economy of space data, based on the tokenization of the data. Space ready for the new economy “machine-to-machine”, and safe implementations of the distributed registry IOTA and Qubic, Spacebit will be ready to use the trunk IoT, and AI for multiple spacecraft.

LinkX planning system of the ground station

Spacebit has partnered with the satellite station Goonhilly to create a distributed technology (DLT). DLT platform decentralized ground station was established on the beta EOS and designed to provide access to low-earth orbit and deep space communication. This model of cooperation aimed at reducing the barriers to entry, opening new business opportunities and promoting continuous dialogue among the various sectors, including trade, Finance, academia and the government.
Another important function of this system is to optimize the data exchange process with the Ground and on the ground by providing services that allow ground stations to analyze, organize and label different types of activities and to determine the idle time via a special platform planning. It will help to reduce downtime , double redundancy, and will allow efficient automation of the entire system in a practical and flexible approach.

Addressing the challenges of space research missions

Spacebit is an international aerospace company that includes an experienced team of outstanding professionals in the field of space blockchains that work with the vision of democratizing access to space, effectively marking commercial space missions around the world and introducing technologies of the distributed registry of the real functionality in space exploration. It provides a space industry economic model and data transfer Protocol ,the choice of EOS or IOTA, which allows to optimize space communications, depending on the specific use case. Spacebit also allows large and small companies to participate effectively in transforming the future economy of the engine in space.

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