Blockchain technology and distributed registries are not tools through which you can fix all the problems. The current year will be held under the theme, practical understanding of where and in what projects it will be possible to use these technologies, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova.

“The blockchain is not a magic wand. If we talk about the crypt is a high-risk element, yet unfortunately associated with fraudulent transactions. But this does not mean that it necessarily should be banned” — she said in a speech at the SPIEF.

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“We need as quickly as possible to resolve the issue with the regulation. It should not be tough and very detailed. It is impossible at this stage of development. We need to determine what it is and how the consumer will be protected,” said Skorobogatova.

In addition, she said that the blockchain and distributed registers are perfectly integrated into some programs, and in Russia there are frames that can do it.

“Our people can a decision themselves to change, to modify it, and to give consumers improved product,” — said the representative of the Central Bank. It is reported by the Rambler. Next: