Major financial analysts believe that the fall in the value of Bitcoin means the cryptocurrency to recover. However, CEO Abra bill Barhydt believes that another explosion of the value of currency is not far off.

Barhydt, which once developed the trading system for Goldman Sachs, said the publisher of Business Insider, hedge funds and other institutions believe that cryptocurrency has huge potential.

“I talked to hedge funds, people with high levels of equity, even with commodity speculators. They look at the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, and see this as a huge opportunity,”he said.

He said that the institutional interests in Japan, are one of the leading indicators of what will soon occur in the West — regardless of the retail interest that in recent months, a sharp decreased.

“Actually at the moment in the cryptocurrency markets are large-scale funding from the West” — said Birgit. “This is happening in Japan. You should be wary of funds that will come from there.”

When the funds will start flowing from there, the company Abra intends to participate in the auction.