This week the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), conducted investigative activities in the case of money laundering, which allegedly was used to Finance the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny. Searches were conducted in the homes of employees of the FBC, the latter was interrogated.

As mentioned earlier initially Sledkom said about the possible legalization of the staff of the Fund to about 1 billion rubles., the cryptocurrency, as such, in the case did not appear.

However, in early July, a statement of fraud to the Investigative Committee asked the journalist Sergei Sokolov, the head of the Agency of Federal investigations. According to the journalist, Navalny and his ally Leonid Volkov hide information about financial transactions cryptocephalinae created to collect donations, and arrogate to themselves a portion of the proceeds. In particular, Sokolov argued, and the Bulk of the wolves concealed from its employees and donors information about what was spent or the money is sent, who were on cryptoscheme during the election campaign in 2018. Editor-in-chief AFR believes that the leaders of the FBC could assign the order of 41.3 million rubles.

Many have decided that just appeal Sokolova could become a formal reason to initiate an investigation into the financing of the FBC.

In case there has been a curious twist: in the materials seen by the witnesses and their lawyers this week, said no about a billion, and about 75 million rubles, and these funds were received as a result of the transaction with capabality.

The case was brought “upon any financial transactions with money that is knowingly acquired by other persons a criminal way (item “b” part 4 article 174 of the criminal code), which have been financed non-profit organization FBC. In the case of the signed resolution on imposition of arrest on account of non-profit organizations of “Fund of struggle against corruption” and “protecting the rights of citizens”, as well as more than 100 accounts belonging to several individuals and legal entities.

Navalny associate Leonid Volkov, first, commented on the size of the allegedly laundered money:

“So, in the “FBK” (which carried out mass searches, confiscated dozens of pieces of equipment involved scores of investigators and hundreds of Riot police), as we know from the available materials, there is no “laundering billion”. About any billions of the question, and this billion press releases SK shamefully disappeared, he needed only to have written about him information garbage. Even an the blockheads quickly I realized that it was a bad idea to speak to tens of thousands of people that they don’t exist. Left in a little more than 75 million rubles for three years, obtained from completely legal transactions for the sale of bitcoins, which we had received as donations. And “tax evasion”.

Volkov explained the situation with donations in bitcoin:

“These 75 million rubles – the amount that, in the last 3 years were made to employees’ accounts (mostly mine when I was under arrest and asked colleagues) in cash through ATMs. The origin is very simple: part of the donations we receive bitcoin, and one of the most common ways to exchange bitcoins for rubles is that you’re on a cryptocurrency exchange sends bitcoins to the buyer, and that makes you cash through a cash in, and you don’t need to meet personally (see the enclosed picture is a screenshot of the cryptocurrency exchanges made today, August 8).

It’s simple, well-known and perfectly legitimate operation (just SK fumbles in the topic). However, if I searched – apparently prikopalis to anything else. Because they just needed an excuse. Their goal is to break the funding of our structure, that we could not pay salaries, taxes, rent. (By the way, over a period of time, when we were allegedly “laundered criminal money,” we paid taxes and contributions to the social Fund more than 96 million roubles – basically it is a tax on the wage Fund; this is a “money”!).

Commenting on the investigation, Volkov wrote:

“The problem with all of this “business” is that first it would be good to set the origin of the money, before waving his hands. This is particularly important in the context of the charges – under article 174 of the criminal code, the laundering (legalization). As already wrote, there is no such thing as “laundering of money of unknown origin”. Article 174 of the criminal code can go in the trailer with another article soon. Example: the Vice-mayor of the Moscow government Natalya Sergunina stole through his relatives 6,5 billion roubles, and legalized them, buying a property in Austria. Here is the basic crime – and legalization to it. Because the plot of the article 174 of the criminal code provides for the laundering of money “known criminal” way. First must be established the fact of a criminal origin of money – then we can talk about the money laundering.

So when they talked about “money billion” – they declared the criminals of all, who translated for us at least something at least once. And now, when they talk about “money, 75 million” – they declare thus, all criminals, who translated for us at least something at least once bitcoin (based on public and open statistics of our bitcoin wallet, it is over 2200 transactions from don’t know how many people).

The only snag is that bitcoins on the bitcoins that they are anonymous. And it does not beat with the “notorious crime” of the origin of funds. Although… may be a consequence knows something that we don’t know? Maybe in the hope of a better fate in the Great future of Russia, we have sent bitcoins Chubais? Then to show the screenshot of the transaction when it comes to asking for RUSNANO launched a project to… Or cunning? Or Shuvalov? Or Usmanov? Or Bastrykin himself, purely just in case? Here in this case we could say that among our donations are, unfortunately, the money received by a criminal way… But I have such facts, fortunately, know nothing”.