After numerous throwing SegWit was released in August of 2017 and had a good performance in the bitcoin sphere. Now this event encourages developers to create something new and better to take technology to a new level, providing greater speed and cheaper transactions.

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Usually, when Bitcoin Core code changes digital coins, it is done in isolation, but a group of developers together to jointly make improvements. Upcoming improvements to the code number 0.16.0 — 16 is already a great release, and he will act a little differently.

This year will be a lot of updates focused on faster dispatch of transactions from the default wallet. If in the main release Seguita will reflect all the discussed improvements for the extension to the user interface, the Bitcoin Core team will hold a great job.

First SegWit was aimed at introducing and establishing new rules. The new release will make it so that all users can benefit from these changes, or rather benefits.

Andrew Chow, Bitcoin Core enthusiast, said: “the Main change SegWit will bring the wallet. This will allow easier for users to create addresses. Chou confirmed that the functions SegWit already added to both interfaces (the purse and the command line), which means that you can use them as programmers and ordinary users.

Another Bitcoin Core developer, Marco Falk laboratory engineer Chaincode Lab, said that earlier it was the ability to create addresses SegWit in earlier wallets. But now this feature will be implemented more sensibly and compatible with scaling.

Now SegWit address is assigned by default and is the first release to support Bech32 (“native address SegWit”). The creators of Core Greg Maxwell and Peter Vull believe that a new address format has the best UX, thanks to the automatic support SegWit.

Falk believes that this is the most exciting part of the release. Addresses SegWit default for users will be provided more than low tariffs. In November 2016, when the latter came SegWit from Bitcoin Core, the community was divided into two camps. Some chose the Bitcoin Cache with a large block, assuming that a greater volume of space for the transaction — a logical decision, and a rigid fork, this problem was eliminated.

Chou noted that the home address SegWit provide the main advantage is reducing the cost of transaction. Alas, because of the newness of this feature, it can not support all wallets. But will increase usability in comparison with the Bitcoin Core wallet. You can even store the information in a different data directory.

Bitcoin enthusiasts complain that the major vendors are slowly watching the improvements. It is also soon recede into the past, and bitcoin will finally have the opportunity to scale to great use around the world. So it bodes well for bitcoin.