Sberbank CIB plans to hold the first ICO in conjunction with the NSD (National settlement Depository). Will base platform of the Bank of Russia, which was launched in April 2018. Test operations in the process of supply of coins.

The ICO refers to the educational project Level One — the company manages the Moscow commercial lectures. It identified the Issuer of the token. The organizer of the issue and the main investor will act as a savings Bank. NSD will be to store, to record and account for assets.

To account for tokens will take the traditional infrastructure market. The first transaction will take place in late summer or early fall of 2018.

ICO will be held in the “sandbox” is a special mode of regulation, in which companies test new technologies without breaking the law. The amount will offer is still unknown. The event will involve only qualified investors.

The head of Sberbank CIB Igor Bulantsev said:

“Many clients of Sberbank are interested in [ICO] this type of attachment. We plan to promote proactive service immediately after coming into power the relevant legal framework”.

The news came a few days after the announcement of the adoption of laws on digital of financial assets. Probably the ICO was preparing for a long time and only waited for the official go-ahead in the form of the existing acts. Just in September 2018 and will become effective the projects adopted by the state Duma.