Brussels airport has launched Freight Management App 1.0 – the blockchain application designed to track the movement of cargo at each stage of delivery, from loading and unloading to freight forwarding. The app will work in conjunction with BRUcloud – an open data management platform, in which the airport plans to integrate all its operations.

The use of the blockchain will allow the airport of Brussels to fully digitize information about logistics, to move away from manual processes complete the documentation on the import of products and to increase transparency and efficiency.

It will also be possible to integrate the blockchain app with the existing infrastructure. Different users will additionally be able to set your own nodes, which then will register the transaction. These transactions will be available to all parties who would be granted access, thus ensuring complete transparency.

“The data will need to be paid only once and they will be stored centrally. Connecting to the cloud, the company can make use of various applications, so exchange information with other participants will become much easier. No longer have to separately maintain interconnection relationship with many different partners”, – said the responsible for the innovation of Brussels Sarah van Gelder.