Together with RAKIB in the development of the project involves the participation of Bank “GLOBEKS” and the Internet platform CrowdHub. Innovation will help investors to control the distribution of funds and protect them from fraudulent campaigns.

On the basis of CrowdHub will be created ICO-hub, which will provide investors with a guarantee of investments in cryptocurrency startups.

The system will work as follows: the organizers of the ICO must create an account and get virtual wallet on the website CrowdHub. Needs a wallet for the cryptocurrency transfers investors. And to get money, the founders ICO will need to open an escrow account in the “Globex”.

Investors also will have to get a account on the aforementioned platform. They will transfer funds to the electronic account of the company, and for the distribution of funds will meet CrowdHub.

To monitor the progress of implementation of specific ICO-campaign incumbent on the participants themselves. If the selected group of investors decides that the project goes according to plan, they vote for the transfer of funds for the implementation of the next phase. If more than half opposed, and the funds raised are split between the investors and the project is liquidated.

It is planned that the work in the test mode, the system will begin in March of this year. For the three months RAKIB expects to collect the necessary data for adjustment and improvement project.

The creators claim that the use of such investment schemes would guarantee the parties execution of the terms of joint commitments, and will also minimize the risk of failure of the transaction or fraud.

However, it’s unclear how successful will operate the project in real conditions. Moreover, unanswered is the question of legal protection of investors ‘ rights. It is unclear where to turn or who to make a claim in case of disputable situations.