Airalab Robonomics Network implements a standard economic interaction human — robot, robot — robot through a unified contract obligations. One of the main projects of the team — Robonomics Network ( is an adaptive open source ( platform that provides a set of tools for network cyber-physical systems, which aims to address socio-economic problems total of robotics and mass production, life of the cities and logistics. The primary use of the platform can be considered tasks related to the establishment of confidence in the services and products of smart cities and factories, providing direct user access to Autonomous cyber-physical systems and control of multi-agent systems with the help of capital.

Robonomics Network will allow to expand possibilities of Ethereum infrastructure with a view to its use in areas such as industry 4.0, IoT, smart cities. can be used:

  • as a decentralized database for IoT (Internet of Things): the trade data, directly recorded IoT devices and sensors without the participation of third parties.

  • in Industry 4.0, as it allows to establish a direct interaction of the client with smart factories, and the factories.

  • for auditing in the supply chain, thanks to full transparency and openness of information about products and services.

  • Autonomous service providers, such as robots, offering their services.

  • as a tool of control of the mass production of goods and services through the capital.

  • to launch a scalable chain of provision of fully automated factories and logistics services.

To see the platform in action right now on the test network.

About the team

Team Airalab deals with developments in the field of blockchain and smart contracts for several years. In January 2016, was developed a system of making smart contracts with drones, and a year later presented the contract obligations of the robot. After a successful first phase of licensee in may 2017, the team plunged into work and soon released an alpha release of the game Robonomics on a demo layout Industry 4.0, an experiment demonstrating a fully Autonomous management of supply chains solely by the capital investors. In the near future the launch of the network in the public Network Robonomics Ethereum, and each user will be able to run your applications.

The project is being developed with open source code available on GitHub (, to see the Whitepaper on the official website of the platform Robonomics Network (

All important and current updates are published on the official websites of the project (, teams ( and blog ( The team also actively communicates in a Telegram the channel ( and Twitter ( and invites to collaboration all who are interested in developing applications for Industry 4.0 and bloccano.