Token XRP was chosen among the many tokens of the proposed R3 as the first cryptocurrency, which can be utilized in CorDapp. Decentralized application based on the Corda, which allows you to make payment through the blockchain Corda.

CorDapp, which is also called “Corda Settler”, you can use any payment platform that can transfer money or other assets from one person or institution to another. It verifies credit transactions and update the Ledger Corda.

R3 company based in new York, is a developer of cooperative software, which has 200 firms partner in a variety of key industries that are engaged in the research and development of legerov in the financial industry and other business sectors.

CTO R3 Handal Richard brown said that the use of Corda Settler to improve the calculations of the payments and XRP as its first tool for the calculations shows how effective are the ecosystems with the cooperation of two such giants.

– Market expansion Corda Settler and the beginning of support XRP as the first currency for transactions are an important indicator of what you can achieve powerful ecosystem created by the two most influential companies in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world, working together, Mr brown said.

He also added that multiple partnerships and cooperation with other companies is a Prime example of how decisions are made the company’s products and how you can use digital assets in payment processing.

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