The prospect of XRP like bitcoin has inspired people to create some Ripple from the character.

Now uses XRP ISO 4217 currency code, not the symbol or currency sign. Other cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, was rated the symbol that was added to the Unicode standard, the symbol for bitcoins — “₿”. XRP should be considered the same as any other currency. For example, if you make transactions in dollars or bitcoin, the transaction would look like this: 12.34 dollar or ₿of 12.34. For the XRP is currently used ISO 4217 currency code “XRP”, and the absence of a prefix does not give XRP recognition, which have other major currencies.

The aim of the project is to provide the community XRP suggestions for potential character to be used when displaying the amount of XRP, and that can be proposed to the Unicode consortium for consideration. This may allow anyone to use a single common symbol that represents the digital asset and who defines it as a type of currency. Create an open repository that allows people to introduce new ideas and contribute to existing ones. On Twitter, the project can be found using hastega @xrpsymbol, which is used to exchange various options from the community and discuss potential proposals. Ultimately, when a final decision is reached, the symbol will be converted to various fonts and image formats, and proposed to the Unicode consortium, and then in the Unicode Standard.

Answering the question of why XRP single character, one of the main reasons is the need to distinguish it from “Ripple”. Since XRP does not currently have its own symbol or logo, the currency is often associated with the trademark Ripple, which mainly consists of three connecting circles. Because of this, many people think that XRP is the Ripple trademark. To distinguish between the Ripple and the XRP digital asset, it needs to identify itself.

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