Recently in the community of XRP started to circulate rumors about the possible introduction of a token from the Ripple as the base currency of the service Binance. The reasons why the community believes, why XRP will become a standard currency in Binance, include:

— XRP is already the base currency in Exchange CoinField;

— It is the base currency to XRP Exchange United;

Rating Agency Weiss Raitings, after the survey, also think that XRP is the perfect base currency;

— XRP established himself last week as he continued to rise in price, despite the falling rates of other cryptocurrencies followed Bitcoin Cash;

— XRP allows to make money transfers faster and cheaper transaction charges;

— XRP will be able to attract more users to trade on Binance;

— XRP has additional support through the active community and plenty of development of the company Ripple, which offers solutions for cross-border remittances;

In addition, the General Director of the Binance has indirectly hinted at the possible establishment of XRP as base currency. Community XRP constantly requested the Director-General Binance Campana Zhao to add XRP as base currency platform. Such statements began in late July, and now, Chanpen Zhao in his official Twitter account asks how this can be done in reality. In his tweet, he requested all the fans of XRP to leave all your suggestions below this tweet.

After analyzing tweet Zhao further, you may find that he also added a link to LinkedIn, where you are given tips on how to add your token to Of particular importance are the following words in this step-by-step instructions:

– We want the founder or CEO of the project with its token filled out the form. Why? If ever an error with your wallet, fork or double spending on your blockchain, we will be able to speak with the key person stated in the instructions.

This statement may indicate Garlinghouse brad or David Schwartz. Community members XRP thought about this item the instructions and came to the conclusion that brad Garlinghouse or David Schwartz must fill out the form below for XRP could become the base currency on Binance.

It can also indicate the validator registers the XRP. It should be noted that this form can also be filled in one of the many validators in the register XRP. Team in Binance said that they need to talk to the key person. Validators particularly important in the network, XRP, Ripple as the company continues to reduce its presence in the regulation of the list of unique nodes XRP Ledger. Ripple wants the network has become completely decentralized.

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