XRP is still very popular cryptocurrency in the banking and financial institutions. However, if you believe a recent survey, it is likely that its popularity will go even further. Based on its results, XRP is the most desired altcolor as a gift this holiday season.

Globee company that provides services for trading of cryptocurrencies around the world, in its latest poll on Twitter asked their followers what cryptocurrency they would prefer to receive as a gift. Among the options were Bitcoin and Monero XRP or any other currency, which can be noted in the comments.

The survey results are obvious, and XRP is the leader, gaining 50% of the total number of votes. Bitcoin at the time of writing is in second place with 37% of the vote, while only 9% of participants opted for Monero. The remaining 5% of voters decided to write my cryptocurrency in the comments below.

By the end of the survey, your voice has left more than 14,600 people, which indicates that XRP is probably the most desired token.

Some may be surprised by these results, however, many analysts say that their popularity XRP due to its accessibility and ease of payments. Despite this, Bitcoin was in the lead in the poll’s first 24 hours. Then the survey involved 6,500 people, of which about 51% would choose bitcoin. However, soon shifted XRP bitcoin in the first place.

At least the XRP and were in first place in the survey, many users would like to receive a gift of bitcoin, despite its outdated and slow technology and a higher price.

Monero chose only 9% of survey participants, even considering its wide possibilities with regards to the privacy and anonymity of users. The fact that Monero does not allow to track transactions users and can also hide details of the transaction, including the amount, the initiator and the recipient of the payment.

Many may be surprised that Monero was in last place in the list, given its technological advances and privacy.

With regard to section of review, it is full of different answers — not only in other aldolase, but also comments on the proposed tokens or reasons for the choice of a token. Some users claimed that XRP should not participate in the survey, as it is not “real bitcoin”. Supporters of Monero said that he had chosen this coin to ensure privacy, while proponents of bitcoin chose this coin because it can be used for purchasing any other cryptocurrency.

Despite the different tastes in relation to alithinou or opportunities of digital currencies, the most important thing is that people are willing to use cryptocurrency and are already involved in discussions about their nature and potential.

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