One of the most prominent supporters of XRP on Twitter by the name of Dr. T, shared one important for the community XRP news. According to him, the Creator of XRP TipBot Viets Vind announced that leading e-Commerce platform of Europe XRP Mollie soon integrate its payment system.

According to Dr tweet.T, Viets Vind, which has also been very active in supporting XRP, will soon have to go to headquarters Mollie to help with the integration of XRP.

This is big news for the ecosystem of XRP, because Mollie is one of the largest e-Commerce platforms in Europe, which works with many different companies to find the best payment solution. Now the service is focused solely on cryptocurrency, though, and as the payment solutions offered bitcoin. However, this rumor may indicate that XRP will become the second currency, which will offer Mollie.

As mentioned earlier, Viets wind is the Creator of the popular application called XRP TipBot. This app allows its users to make micropayments. Users can send them to anyone, including friends and family, favorite content creators or web sites and even a variety of services, if they have their own page on the popular social media platforms.

The news about the possible adoption of XRP has caused many positive reactions in the cryptocurrency community, given the fact that it appeared simultaneously with the news that the XRP has been added to KuCoin. KuCoin — popular cryptocurrency exchange, which already offers numerous shopping XRP pairs, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, True USD, NEO, PAX, USD and Coin its own currency KuCoin KCS.

Wind believes that this step will allow Mollie to have more influence on the electronic Commerce market, particularly in the Netherlands. And because the decentralized exchange can I convert Euro to XRP and Vice versa, Mollie may not join another partnership to expand its influence.

Despite the fact that this news spread throughout the community immediately after publication, the rate of XRP still has not responded in any significant way. XRP remains the second largest token by market capitalization at the time of writing. And its rate is 0.35 $ per token, in case of positive dynamics of 1.72%.

Despite the fact that this is undoubtedly a very important step for XRP because it will further strengthen its presence in Europe after the damage caused to the market in the second half of November, not so easy to recover. Most experts agree that digital currencies will probably take a long time to recover, from a few weeks to entire months.

Some members of the community XRP believe that it will have effect after completion of the process of integration of XRP in Mollie. And although it is likely that this will happen, it is likely that this will be a simple hearing.

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