Company Chris Marsalek added XRP to their platform. formerly known as Monaco, is a platform for payment processing, whose main aim is translation of the world into using cryptocurrency. To make this possible, the platform offers its clients a wallet and credit cards for cryptocurrency that will enable them to buy, sell and spend the cryptocurrency.

XRP is not the first token supported by the platform. Users can buy, sell and spend Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Coin Binance. But unlike them, XRP is the first coin that was added after the platform update. At the moment, the platform improves quality of service, speeds up withdrawal of money, improves productivity and creates a safe infrastructure.

– XRP is the first token that we put out in our newly built infrastructure with a backend that allows us to quickly add new tokens, and also produce a more rapid withdrawal, while maintaining complete safety of the platform. We intend to increase the number of tokens supported by us, to eventually cover all cryptocurrencies, which are more or less important, said Chris Marsalek.

This news comes a few days after launched a new Advisory Board, as the company plans to release its products on the world market. The team consists of experienced and talented employees with experience in the field of AI, recruiting people, work products and operations. The founder of the company Chris Marsalek created the Council to help the company in expanding and building a solid client base. Managing partner at Alpha Capital Intelligence Anton Blondo will be the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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