Coinbase has added XRP as a supported asset Coinbase Custody. Back in August Sam Mcingvale, who led the development of services, announced that the company is looking into adding new assets to the platform. Among these digital currencies were XRP. Finally, in November, Coinbase has decided to include XRP on its platform for secure storage token.

Coinbase is one of the largest platforms for cryptocurrencies on the market. The company, based in USA, offers its customers different products and services, and one of them is Coinbase Custody, which is a service that is specifically designed for institutions who want to have a storage currency.

At the time of writing, in addition to XRP Coinbase Custody was included in the list such assets as Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, 0x, Basic Token Attention or BAT, OmiseGo.

In August, the company announced that they are going to explore several assets and cryptocurrencies to add it to the list of supported currencies to store, adding it has no plans to add them to the list of assets for exchange. At the same time, Coinbase announced that they are going to enable them as soon as possible and safer. The main aim is to offer a storage service assets for institutional clients, which reliably store a large amount of cryptocurrency and need their safe storage.

The company regularly informed the public about the ongoing research.

In the framework of the research process customers the way we publicly test various APIs and the fact that we put a lot of work to add support for these assets. Although we can’t say when or whether at all these assets available in Coinbase Custody, we will provide our customers with information about the process and about what they can expect via our official Twitter account – said the representatives of Coinbase.

Although the XRP has been added to the Custody platform Coinbase, the cryptocurrency community is still awaiting that XRP will be added to exchange on a Pro Coinbase and Coinbase. In recent years there were several rumors about the possibility to enable support for XRP, but the decision, in the end, was never adopted.

However, there is a small problem, which also noted users of Coinbase. Logo used to refer to the XRP is the Ripple logo itself. The company has been working in recent months to separate the company name from cryptocurrency XRP. And even though it caused controversy in the community of Ripple and XRP, the company wants to separate his brand from the token, to demonstrate that the network is decentralized.

The XRP exchange rate at the time of this writing is about 0.45 USD per token, while the market capitalization is 18,34 billion dollars. A few days ago XRP shifted Ethereum and became the second virtual currency on total market capitalization.

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