Based on Ripple are three basic products, which, according to General opinion, will promote software solutions Ripple. In addition xVia and xCurrent, in the processing of payments is also very important product is xRapid. According to supporters of the Ripple, the introduction of xRapid, no doubt, will attract additional demand for the token XRP, which helps with liquidity. This is due to the fact that they use a token for cheap cross-border remittances and also it is a symbol of the common goal of Ripple as a company.

So pleased to hear the statement of the head of partner relations in the middle East and the Asia-Pacific region Sagara of Serbia that xRapid will be launched in the next few months. In particular, he said about the confidence that next month or a little after, users can expect full release xRapid.

I am confident that in the coming months, you will be able to see how we launch a product live, said Surbhi.

Ripple are positioning their products as an alternative cheap and convenient solutions for cross-border transfers. To accomplish this, the company often spoke at various conferences, web seminars and meetings where they talked about the benefits that companies receive if they are using Ripple.

Perhaps it is because Ripple wants to create an ecosystem around xRapid. Recently, Ripple has demonstrated that companies that use XRP, can save 40 to 70 percent of the total cost compared to traditional methods. However, they did not mention about the speed of prices and no need to pay middlemen. For this reason, the company is preparing an ecosystem around xRapid and XRP.

In addition, Bitso, Mexico, Coins.Ph in the Philippines and Bittrex in the United States will soon be able to make cross-border transactions between the three countries, using XRP as an intermediary, providing additional liquidity needed for translations.

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