In the minds of many enthusiasts for cryptocurrency have a question: xRapid uses Ripple (XRP) in the appeal, or XRP, which are issued every month from the Escrow account that secured the 55 billion XRP some time ago. The reason for this question is that it is extremely important to know whether providers of money transfers and banks have integrated xRapid, use XRP in circulation and, consequently, increase the demand for XRP.

First of all, let’s remember what led to the closure of 55 billion XRP on the Escrow account.

In December fans and XRP users were concerned about the high circulation the total number of XRP and the influence of this circulation on the coin price. Therefore, the Ripple team decided to close the 55 billion XRP on the Escrow account. In Escrow account was 55 contracts for 1 billion XRP, which expire on the first day of each month for 54 months. 1 billion, issued in a month will be available for use by the company Ripple. The team intends to use this monthly XRP to stimulate market makers that offer a more rigid and spreads the payments and offers to sell XRP to institutional investors. Also the amount of XRP that has not been used for a month, will again be blocked Escrow account.

Now the question is whether xRapid XRP in circulation or it uses the amount of currency, which are institutional investors with an Escrow account each month?

From the information gathered on xRapid used XRP, you receive directly from the sum in circulation, and not from the Escrow account. After the transaction, the same XRP for sale on the market. In other words, this is no different from the daily trade XRP for independent traders. However, the original amount of currency will depend on the amount or value of the enumerated means.

But how will this affect the demand and price of XRP? The best way, the only way xRapid will affect demand and hence the price of XRP is to increase the number of service providers to transfer money that use xRapid due to the high liquidity of XRP. The coin is very affordable, which makes it very attractive for almost instant payment. With increasing transactions on xRapid and cost the amount sent will increase and the price of XRP, because these financial companies will request XRP directly from negotiable offers.

We will add, at the time of writing the price per coin XRP is $ 0.67, the rate of the Ripple is demonstrating a negative trend.

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